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The Poconos are a mountain region in Northeast Pennsylvania. Due to close proximity to major cities such as Philadelphia and New York, the area is a popular tourist destination. Unlike other destinations, the Poconos remains attractive through the entire course of the year. There is really not an "Off-Peak" season.

Skiing is very popular in the winter. Hiking, camping, walking, and biking become the attraction in the spring. Once summer arrives swimming and fishing will take over and once fall arrives, the region hosts some of the prettiest views of the fall foilage

Many of the Pocono Rentals that you encounter on our website will be located in gated communities. Usually they are centered around a lake with many other amenities such as basketball, tennis, swimming pools, clubhouses, and more. Gated means there is usually a security check point for you to go through before entering. Sometimes keys are given out as an alternative. As a renter in one of the places, generally you are invited to take advantage of these amenities.